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A river current 
of sorrows drifts 
Further down stream
A reminder of yesterday 
Foolish decisions 
Lessons learned 
Destruction of self 
You can’t mask pain 
with love when regret 
is showing itself upon 
the rivers reflection 
Sitting here bewildered 
Standing brushing off 
yesterday like these leaves 
This dirt becomes dust 
settles like my mind 
Another path wrongly taken 
or perhaps another learned

May 18th 2010
Revision 5/9/2013 

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Metaphysical Dimensions

Abstractions colliding in metaphysical dimensions.
Laughter fills the void.
Isolation encapsulates one as much as it is encapsulating.
Tear through the veil of despondency.
Breathe not just the air but a new day.
Awaken to a world you’ve only set foot in.
Now to experience beyond the unknown.

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"Religion is not the opiate of the masses; religion is the placebo of the masses." -House
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Stories Leave Scars

I can’t see I’m choking, suffocating 

The air poisoned by your exhale 

Like this room you’re lost in a fog 

This place tells a story A tragedy 

perhaps a broken heart, Broken life 

The fragility of it all stands in the 

clutches of everything gone wrong 

Turmoil reigns over your mind 

Tears in your eyes but they don’t 

exist Weeping from within but you’re


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Mechanical failure 

Dysfunctional thought 

Stability the masquerade 

False pretense smiling 

parade Love Lovers 

bound forever in 

an eternity easily 

forgotten tomorrow 

Shadows cast upon 

an unforgotten memory 

Withered forgotten 

beneath winters blanket 

of death Reigned by 

loves complacent wreckage 

Tangled in thorns Roses once 

within her arms Now I bleed 

Lost in the strangulation of 

bewilderment -Nolon 9/16/2012

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I love this album

(Source: Spotify)

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Such a beautiful song.

Yea! Such an incredibly fucking beautiful fucking song

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Evanescence Sirius XM artist confidential Acoustic Session

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The Sound, The Silence.

Great rivers flow to places unknown.

Admire the wind upon your face.

Looking down as you walk. Leaves 

enriching colors strewn upon dirt and grass. 

Walk among the people. See the laughter. 

See the smiles. A woman in tears. Happy 

tears. That moment she’s been waiting for. 

There on the stage the band! How breathtaking 

the sound…The silence. 


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Forgive Me

Where today reminds 

me of yesterday. 

Tomorrow ever so near

but so far from so long 

ago .

I want to forget, but 

though forgotten I 

can’t help, but still


The day draws closer

I’m being dragged into 

this vortex of memories 

Forgive me while your

apparition stifles me.

Forgive me while I

close my eyes.

Even then you’re gone,

but still you’re here.  

July 15th 2012

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Days of The Doomed (Earthen Grave)

In Wisconsin we have a festival with nothing but doom! It’s called Days Of The Doomed. Be there next year! I was there for day two. It’s a two day festival. Second day started at 2pm I was out at 2am. Yea huge fest lots of doom. 

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Evadne - ‘This Complete Solitude

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Doomed Blood Red Roses (doomish)

'Doomed Blood Red Rose.'

Contessa on vocals.
Benevolent on 1st & 2nd chorus vox, duet vox and ending (growl)

Nolonn on 1st growl and 3rd chorus vox

All instruments & mix by TLCatbus. Guitar solo by Benevolent Mutation.

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Albino Python - the haunter of the dark

Stoner doom metal with female vocals.

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Crimson Moon Desires

Razor sharp kisses.

Bloody stained lusting lips.

Moon scorching red.

Rain drops of decaying flesh.

Reach out to kiss the star filled sky.

Awaken murky damp nightmares.

Reading dead children horror stories.

Strippers in monasteries.

Priests in daycare.

Praying in darkly alleyways.

Crimson moon desires

-2012 July 4th